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Call centre newbie by day, baby coder/modeller by night. I could probably study nursing if I put my mind to it.I currently mod FFXIV and BG3, and have previously modded the Elder Scrolls Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim.My 3D modelling knowledge is entirely self-taught.I am by no means a professional. I'm just here to have a good time.


Mia Luminiari
Midlander Hyur

I have reasonable but irrational annoyances about modding practices.

Conversion vs Upscale

A conversion is when you modify the geometry (mesh) of an item from one form to another. For example, you convert from vanilla to Bibo+, or from TBSE regular to TBSE slim. A conversion can also be the act of using one or more textures and creating another. For example, utilising a diffuse and/or normal and/or specular map to generate a multi map for use in conjunction with a colormap.An upscale is specifically thee editing of the texture of an item, and refers to the act of increasing the resolution. For example, increasing a diffuse map from 16x16px to 256x256px.One does not upscale the breast size of a 3D model.

Converting and releasing items cleanly

When adding metadata for something like a hand item, as there is only a male version that other races scale off for example, extra unnecessary assets are generated.For example, when converting a hand item that only has a male variant to work with Bibo+ textures, one would add the metadata for Midlander Female, which will generate a model based on the male mesh and a new material. The material is entirely useless and takes up space. When importing the converted model and assigning the correct skin texture, you should also change the item texture to use the male variant, as the female variant is a copypaste. From here you would simply go into Manage Mod List > Standalone (Non Modpack) > [the item you've converted] and delete any material files including the colormap. The only items you need when releasing a conversion like this is the model and metadata.

I need lunch money

I make stuff for BG3 and FFXIV.Check out my Trello board for more information.I will make this look less shit soon.